Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Twitter Marketing Tips and Thoughts

Came across Don Dodge's post on The Next Big Thing, which in this case happens to be on Twitter Tips and Tricks from Guy Kawasaki
. Much like Don I agree with some of the tips, and then disagree with others.

I do think that we, the small start-ups, should forget about the A-Listers like TechCrunch
and GigaOm
- we should feel lucky that we can follow them. I kind of agree that Twitter is a numbers game - but I tend to think that it is a quality game first. It takes a while for folks and businesses to find their Twitter voice - so as we are exploring, it is more about establishing who we are and the kinds of things we want to say rather then thinking about building a large Twitter following.

This is why I disagree that we should follow everyone who follows us - it just does not make sense - I only have time to read some of the tweets, and try my best to read @replies to me, or direct messages (DM). Even there I am falling short (and now I think I am starting to develop this anxiety around what I might be missing...especially since I came across a post from @ScottKisrner
about another breakfast he is putting together for consumer-tech-oriented entrepreneurs in the Boston area, on April 17th. I jumped on that one but now I worry more and more about what else is out there that I should know about.)

Another Kawasaki tip that rubbed me the wrong way - be an unabashed copycat on Twitter. See what popular folks talk about and start tweeting about these things too. What if people don't like what we have to say? Well, UFM then. Unfollow me. Now, that goes against the grain of effective communications - the more subjects you talk about, the less effective you are. I personally skim Guy's posts these days and am considering UFing him - he adds no value for me - I don't know what he talks about half of the time. And I am pretty sure it is not him tweeting for the most part anyway. So my bet is - he will lose his followers soon - a lot of them. You have to be real on Twitter or sooner or later people will stop caring/following.

Your best bet on Twitter is to find who you are and what you want to say and stick with it - and pls don't say anything if you have nothing to say. Resist the temptation to tweet for twitter sake. It is a lot harder to become a favorite when you have only a 140 characters to say it with. Use those characters wisely. And have fun while at it - like the Guardian did today
(thanks @TimOReily
for the link!)- love it!
Twitter: @sallyswimsalot


  1. great thoughts. I especially agree with the copycat thoughts and can't stand these people who keep following me and unfollowing me because they are trying to build up the impression of how popular they are.

    live life. do something cool. and talk about it.

  2. Did you see this Flash animation about Twitter? So funny!

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